Best Travel Items For A Relaxing and Remarkable Trip

Best Travel Items For A Relaxing and Remarkable Trip

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Looking for the best travel items for your next getaway?!

If you are like me, you want traveling to be hassle-free, low stress, and enjoyable. Traveling is supposed to be fun! Airports, long lines, traffic, TSA checkpoints, customs: all of these things can be stressful.

I want to help you find ways to make the journey more fun. Are there ways to make traveling more efficient and comfortable? Always!

When it comes to travel, I don’t believe there are necessarily “must have” items; however, I do believe in having travel gear that makes life easier and less stressful.

I have searched the internet and found tons of discrepancies in what people say are “must have” items. I have some travel gear that I use and would highly recommend.

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Here is my travel accessories list:

Best Bags

If you are looking for a durable, multi-purpose piece of luggage, look no further than the Ciao 15″ Expandable Under Seat Bag.

This bag is the best bag I have ever owned for travel purposes. I take it on quick overnight getaways to week-long trips. The various compartments make it easy to stay organized. The creatively engineered design is the correct dimensions to fit under-the seat as a personal item or in the overhead compartment of an airplane. It also is expandable if you need extra packing capacity!

The Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Mini Shoulder Bag is a great purse to carry, especially if you are nervous about potential pickpocketing.

Travelon was very creative in its design of a “5-point anti-theft security system.”

This bag has lock down straps, locking compartments, slash-resistant straps/body, RFID blocking pockets, and multiple pockets to keep organized.

The last time I carried this bag on a pane, I ran into a flight attendant who also had one!

Health + Wellbeing


If you have trouble adjusting to time zone changes and jet lag, consider trying No Jet Lag Homeopathic Remedy.

This all natural OTC remedy helps to minimize symptoms of jet lag. These chewable tablets are taken at take-off, every 2 hours, and at landing.

Pack some disinfecting wipes and clean off those germs from your space. Some gross areas of a plane that you may want to consider disinfecting on your next trip? Seat belts, tray tables, washroom handles, seat pockets, and headrest!

Time to boost the immune system! Lots of times when traveling, you get on different schedules and that can really confuse your body. Some ways to combat sickness is by taking elderberry gummies for immune support!

In addition to elderberry gummies, you can also try Emergen-C for immune support. This is a drink mix and there are various flavors in which to choose.

If you feel like you could be getting sick, it’s not too late to add some Emergen-C to your drink! It’s a great source of vitamin C!


I recommend carrying a portable charger if you are traveling farther distances or will have limited availability to a charging source throughout the day. It’s always better to be prepared to have a back-up charging source in case your phone dies!

If you have trouble staying organized, packing cubes can be beneficial. I have found that I prefer packing cubes for longer trips.

If I am just going away for a week or less, I found it works well to roll my clothes to save space.

I love how the MLVOC Travel Pillow also comes with an eye mask and ear plugs! The pillow is also designed to lie flat against the airplane seat; however, I still find your head is pushed forward some. Overall, it is comfortable and helps you catch some zzz’s while traveling.

Helloooooo… Dry shampoo is a must, especially for those long travel days! Who has time to do their hair and get beautified?

Dry shampoo is great no matter if you are cruising, flying, or just want a quick way to get ready for the day.

Of all dry shampoos, Living Proof is the best. I may be a little biased, though 😉

I recently discovered these travel tooth brushes and fell in love! They are great for road trips. They are mini tooth brushes that are already pasted so no water is needed. Makes you feel so much better when on-the-go!

Traveling internationally? Don’t forget a travel adapter!

Check to see if the country you will be visiting uses different outlets from your home base. There’s a good chance they do!

I prefer a universal travel adapter so that it will work anywhere I decide to travel!

Do you agree with the listed “best travel items?”

What are your favorites!? Comment below!! 👇

Until next time!

xxx Sara + Josh

Best Travel Items FAQ’s

Do you have to rinse your mouth after using the travel tooth brushes?

No, you do not need to rinse.

Will the large packing cubes fit into a 21 inch suitcase?

Yes, but the largest one will take up pretty much one layer with room to stuff things in the corners

How long do the portable chargers hold a charge when not being used?

Per the directions, the chargers will hold a charge for three days if not used on a regular basis.

Will a mini-iPad fit comfortably in the Travelon crossbody bag?

Yes, it will fit an iPad mini for sure. This bag fits a lot more than it appears.

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